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Strum-wear on upper bout, otherwise in very good condition. Price: 600.00 USD (plus shipping), includes hard case (violin case, not fitted). String length: 11x69 / 2x76cm Price € 3750,- case included Shipping expenses not included Contact: Sebastián Núñez, email: nunez.instruments@Pictures: makers for December 3 2017 Theorbo for sale. Located in Cologne area, Germany price is 2350 € Contact: andreas.grueb@picture picture picture picture November 26a2 017 10-c lute by Nigel Solomon, perfect action and condition. Anna Kowalska & Anton Birula 607727346 picture picture picture picture September 14 2016 Baroque Guitar after Choco by Stephen Barber and Sandi Harris Beautiful sound and condition. I believe it is the exact one that is pictured on the Barber and Harris web site. More high resolution pictures available here: ,500 In Los Angeles, CA Contact: jyoshida04(at)picture picture picture picture picture picture September 13 2016 14c Theorbo 79/141cm made by Pascal Goldschmidt in S. Definitely an instrument suitable for a busy and varied concert schedule.

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info@Ray Andrews picture picture picture picture picture picture picture picture picture picture August 2 2016 Early Renaissance Lute in G made by me. American) you can see this lute being played on youtube - https:// James 408-910-7783 jlkjlk8@picture picture picture picture picture June 13 2016 13 course baroque lute by Ivo Magherini (Rome, 1989) String length 68cm/73,5cm, 11 ribs in rosewood, new set of Nylgut/Type D strings. info@Tel 00 44 1603 454402 and 00 44 7786 057484 May 13 2016 I would like to offer this highly decorative Hopkins baroque guitar for 3250 stevesguitars@picture picture picture picture picture picture picture picture picture picture picture picture May 8 2016 6 course lute in G after Gerle by Martin Shepherd. Contact Tony Scheuregger, Norwich, UK, info@tel 00 44 1603 454402 and 00 44 7786 057484. Location: Newport News, Virginia USA Contact: cmckinley313@picture picture picture picture April 6 2016 14-course 2008 Baroque Lute - German Theorbe by violin/lute luthier Zoran Fainovic Custom made Baroque Lute, crafted specifically for me when I was playing the lute regularly.

Gut strings, gut frets attached (these have seen some wear), excellent case worth 200 on its own, hard shell, latches), and will throw in a Poulton tutor on renaissance lute technique. For more information and prictures please contact me: andreas.grueb@picture picture picture picture May 27 2016 6c ranaissance lute by Grant Tomlinson, 2006 59,5 cm, nylgut stringing, excellent playability 4000 Euro incl. Prices: EU 3600, 4800, 5800 respectively ( case cost of shipping - personal delivery relatively close to Hungary is also an option). Handmade, with the authentic methods used in the baroque era. ondrejjaluvka@picture picture March 23 2016 6 course lute by Jacob Van de Geest (1977), after Goffriller 55,7cm string length (A or G tuning), 9 ribs in flamed maple. Price: 2000eur, including its original light weight hard-shell case. I can be reached at gaome@picture picture picture picture picture March 18 2016 8-course lute by Michael Lowe (1980) String length 59 cm. Perfect conditions, beautiful, bright and well-defined sound typical of Michael Lowe’s lutes.. Asking price: 5300 euros The instrument is currently with me in Venice, Italy. Otherwise i can send for free in Europe at your own risk.

Responses please to Jonah, jonahmc@July 25 2016 New 6 course Renaissance lute based on Hieber, string length 59.7cm strung in NNG and a Gut 6crs, width at nut 3.8cm, width at bridge 7.7cm, cherry wood ribs, maple neck and pegbox with pear and box wood heart shaped pegs, fine golden rose, pearwood bridge with stars carved on top, bog oak fingerboard. picture picture picture picture picture picture June 26 2016 New 13 course Baroque Lute after Hoffman @ 68cm. case schoenklang@for more information and pictures: Grant Tomlinson Lutemaker, 6 course lutes May 15 2016 6 course Vihuela de mano in G by Sebastian Nunez with vaulted back and inlaid soundboard. String length 57.5 cm, currently at A 440, carbon and wound strings. You can see photos, read more details and hear the sound of one of them at . Suitable for both a wide range of baroque theorbe/arch lute repertoire. Nice little lute in perfect shape, with a surprisingly big and well balanced sound, great volume and projection. bor.zuljan@picture picture picture picture picture picture picture March 19 2016 5 course guittern after Hans Ott (1450) made by Ugo Casalonga (2013) String length 40-41cm (currently tuned DAECG) grey poplar monoxyle body, magnificent parchment rose by Elena Dal Cortivo The instrument is located in Geneva, Switzerland. bor.zuljan@picture picture picture picture picture picture picture March 19 2016 15 course theorbo by Jason Petty (2005) for sale. More info: zanivano@picture picture picture picture picture February 22 2016 7 Course Lute by Anatoli Gundilowicz String length 60cm Built in 2014 The instrument is in perfect condition.

Or look to see if the same instrument is on e Bay by another seller. Wide body is comfortable and gives a sonorous, oud-like sound in the bass and midrange. Cambered fingerboard allows for thick frets along the neck. 00 includes hard Kingham case and K&K Pure Preamp. Contact Taylor di Clemente at tsdiclem@picture picture picture picture picture November 29 2014 May 3 2016 February 27 2017 7 course lute by Ivo Magherini (1990) for sale. Very good contidion, powerful sound and nice projection. An amazing sounding instrument, wonderfully decorated, almost a collector's item. Contact Ariel Abramovich: arielgustavoabramovich@34625446787 April 10 2017 December 15 2017 6 course lute, early 16 C model, based on various sources of iconography, built by Alfonso Marín in 2013. Maple back, pear wood neck and pegbox, wonderful spruce top. It comes with a semi-hard case (see photo), very light and built to measure. You can see it and hear its sound on: Q9_rg The instrument is in Lecce (south-east Italy). contact: Luca Tarantino 39.348.4857659 email: lucatarantino9@Very nice 6 course vihuela made by Sebastián Núñez in 2010 String length 59cm One piece carved walnut body-neck-head Case included Shipping expenses not included Price: € 2950,- Pictures: Information: nunez.instruments@December 5 2017 Very nice 13 course lute made by Mathias Wagner in 2010. Spruce Top with nice Pearwood/Ebony decoration, Back and Sides Maple. Model Sellas 64,4/134cm (6 courses 8 bass strings). Anna Kowalska & Anton Birula 607727346 picture picture picture September 14 2016 11 course baroque lute by Anatoli Gundilowicz 2016 69cm https:// At 79cm, a perfect size for anyone looking to transfer from Ren. This was my concert theorbo for years and is currently tuned in G.

Now there is an RSS feed for this page - Renaissance guitar (1996) by Larry K. Spruce top, beautiful curly maple back and sides, 50 cm string length. Body made in Rio Palissander (With CITES documents). For more questions, pictures and sound, please email yavorusmagnus AT picture picture picture picture picture picture November 28 2017 7c Renaissance lute by German luthier Wolfgang Emmerich Nice condition and projection, incl. Just selling it because I want to buy a baroque lute. tab=album&album_id=1285830578117937 in perfect condition, please feel free to ask about more information. Powerful projection and capable of a wide range of tonality.

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